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  • To me, the best part of your fine book is on p. 48…last game…original configuration…more passionate…that atmosphere was overwhelming. — Former UConn standout Wes Bialosuknia ’67, who is the subject of an entire chapter in HOOP TALES.
  • Bob Porter and Wayne Norman describe it all in this terrific book. I not only have read it, but sleep with it under my pillow every night — Leigh Montville, former Sports Illustrated senior writer
  • I found the book to be very informative, well-written, and it actually filled in some details I had forgotten. — Former UConn standout Toby Kimball ’65, the subject of two chapers in HOOP TALES.
  • This book is not only indispensable for UConn basketball fans, but, for any lover of college basketball! As the CT State Archaeologist, I can tell you that you will absolutely “dig” Hoop Tales!  —  Nick Bellantoni
  • With the possible exception of (UConn Associate Athletic Director) Tim Tolokan and Wayne Norman himself, I have sat at press row for more games than anyone else since the early 70’s.  It is very difficult to describe the rich UConn history and the rise of this program to today’s level.  Wayne Norman has captured the past and present as well as anyone. — Bob Klein, UConn basketball chief press steward
  • AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME!!!!!!  Thank you for writing it! — Karen Beckerman
  • The book is good. There are as many favorite/historically significant games/eras as there are UConn basketball fans, and I understand that this is not a complete history. Rather, it’s highlights of the post –WW II era. What is important to me is not necessarily important to the next person.  The box about George Ehrlich on P. 24 is really good. You have to be my age or older to appreciate how the 50,000 watts of WTIC grabbed the state in those days, when even the NCAA finals were not a big deal on television. — Paul Shapiro
  • I used to love listening to Ehrlich. “Another rebound…missed, another rebound, missed, another rebound, good.” One of my favorite Ehrlich-isms — Paul Cohen
  • I read the book this weekend. It was great. Brought back a lot of memories. I remember Toby K. and Wes B. – Charlie Bender
  • Nice stuff on ’54 upset and early days — Charlie Catalano
  • The book was inspiring from page to page. It was very enjoyable to read the stories and learn so history of the UConn men team and the environment. I got very evolved into it and I was hooked. Definitely a page-turner. I could read the stories I was more interested in then reading one-large story. Worth the purchase! — a young reader
  • I find the book extremely well written. Thanks to the clear and lively style and the strong human interest it’s enjoyable to read even if one doesn’t really know what the hell it’s about! And that is quite some achievement. It’s also an attractive and well produced paperback with the right amount of photos — Peter French 
  • This book illuminates the “old” UConn teams of the 1960’s and early 1970’s, teams I remember as a high school student and as a UConn student. The games then were thrilling to fans even if UConn was “only” a regional power. The “stall” game of 1970 was unforgetable and Wayne Norman and Bob Porter bring it back with insight and gusto. It was UConn basketball’s finest game. — Mark Shapera
  • I am in 9th grade at Glastonbury High School. In school, I am writing a paper about how the UConn Men’s Basketball team rose to greatness in the past decade. I recently purchased your book Hoop Tales, and I found the book very interesting and exactly what I was looking for.  — Aaron Eisenberg
  • I really enjoyed Hoop Tales very much.  Especially the section about the days of Hugh Greer and Fred Shabel–the era that I attended many games.  I remember listening to radio reports of the Holy Cross-UConn game in Worcester when Worthy Patterson laid the ball in for the win (subject of the first chapter).  — Captain Jerry James
  • Loved the book…great vacation read — Andy Taylor