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Manchester Journal Inquirer on Wayne Norman’s 1000th broadcast

Journal-Inquirer/Matt Buckler

A milestone in Wayne’s world

Throughout the years, there have been many well-known announcers calling University of Connecticut sports including legendary names such as George Ehrlich, Marty Glickman, Lou Palmer, Dick Galliette, Arnold Dean, Bob Picozzi, Bob Heussler, John Stashower, and the current voice of the Huskies, Joe D’Ambrosio.

But one man has been behind the mike for more UConn events than anyone — Wayne Norman.

When the UConn football team takes on Pittsburgh tonight in a key Big East game, Norman will be celebrating a milestone — it will be his 1000th UConn radio broadcast.

Norman started his association with UConn on Sept 22, 1979, when he teamed up with Glickman to call the UConn-Navy game.

Since that time he has been the analyst for 255 UConn football games, 717 UConn men’s basketball games, and 28 UConn women’s games.

Norman was hired by the Connecticut Radio Network when it had the rights to UConn football and basketball.

When WTIC-AM (1080) picked up the rights for the 1992-93 season, Norman was hired as part of the new broadcast team, even though he is morning show host at WILI-AM (1400) in Willimantic.

There are two reasons for Norman’s longevity.   The first is his preparation.  Norman does his homework as thoroughly as any local announcer, even after 25 years.

And Norman is an easy listen.  He has the skill of a professional announcer — saying a lot in a short period of time without distracting from the flow of the broadcast.  And he has the keen eye of an analyst — few broadcasters can break down a play in football better than Norman can.

Norman may not have the famous ex-athlete pedigree, such as Alan Pinkett who does Notre Dame games, or Ken Stabler who does Alabama games.

But Norman is as solid as anyone — all the information without any of the fluff.

But UConn fans know that better than anyone–they’ve heard 1000 examples during the past 25 years.