In 2000, Willimantic first "Cupid, a diaper-clad Wayne Norman led a "Cupid Corps" of other former Cupids

In 2001, Wayne Norman started the parade as Uncle Sam on a scooter

Wayne Norman began the rainy 1992 Boom Box Parade riding a horse, but the horse had other ideas.  So for a few blocks, Wayne marched, then finished the parade on the horse.

In 1993, Wayne was dressed as one of The Frogs of Windham, and is flanked by John Tuite (L), Gordon Smith, Lynn Moebus, and Mike Morrissette at Memorial Park after the parade

WILI provided matching red white and blue vests to anyone who wanted to be part of our first "real" marching band in 1986.  All you needed to join the band was a boom box.  Notice how the parade marched eastbound the first few years.

For the early parade years, Grand Marshal Wayne Norman drove a cherry red Mustang.  This was from the second WILI Boom Box Parade in 1987.  That's a Channel 3 camera crew riding in the back seat. 

The Governor's "Foot Guard" came to the WILI Boom Box Parade in 1988

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