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The 2019 WILI Weather Calendar cover: The Milky Way over Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry at 3:23 a.m. on April 23, 2018, taken by Cliff Manzone 


14/WILI has published the Eastern Connecticut Weather Calendar each year since 1988.  The calendar is written, researched, and prepared by WILI's resident "weather weenie," Wayne Norman.  Some of the calendar's features include:
  • Willimantic's sunrise and sunset, and Connecticut's average and record highs and lows for each day of the year.
  • Significant weather anniversaries and trends, and astronomical notes.
  • Photos of WILI personalities and local scenes.
  • An Atlantic hurricane tracking map, a cloud chart, and a wind chill chart
  • The 2019 WILI Weather Calendar has more information than ever before.
Proceeds from the 2019 WILI Weather Calendar go to the Windham Theatre Guild.

Copies of the WILI Weather Calendar were available for $5.00 at the WILI offices Monday through Friday from 9 AM-5:00 PM, and at Windham Theatre Guild events.  Calendars can be obtained by mail by sending an additional $2.00 to cover postage and handling to:
WILI Weather Calendar 
720 Main Street 
Willimantic, CT 06226

For more information about the WILI Weather Calendar, call (860) 456-1111. Some back issues are also available. It's just one more indication that WILI takes the weather seriously. Here's the covers of some recent calendars:

The 2018 WILI Weather Calendar cover:  A double rainbow behind the Windham Mills on November 16, 2017, taken by Michael Hughes

The cover of the 2017 WILI Weather Calendar:  Foliage on Mono Pond in Columbia, taken by Al Kim

The cover of the 2016 WILI Weather Calendar:  "Snowliage" at Mount Katahdin in Maine 
The cover of the 2015 WILI Weather Calendar:  Reflections at Mansfield Hollow Dam Lake on August 9, 2014--Eleanor Linkkila photo

The cover of the 2014 WILI Weather Calendar with fall foliage at Hall's Pond in Eastford in October 2013--Eleanor Linkkila photo

The cover of the 2013 WILI Weather Calendar shows a fisherman at dawn at Mansfield Hollow Lake in October 2012--Eleanor Linkkila photo

The cover of the 2012 WILI Weather Calendar shows a windmill in Hampton stopped by the pre-Halloween snowstorm of October 29, 2011. -- Eleanor Linkkila photo.
The cover of the 2011 WILI Weather Calendar shows the Jillson House Museum and St. Mary's Church as taken from the Thread City Crossing bridge--Eleanor Linkkila photo.  

The cover of the 2010 WILI Weather Calendar shows a photo of lightning taken during the annual Lebanon fireworks display on June 27, 2009--Marie Brennan photo, courtesy of The Chronicle

Here's the cover of the 2006 calendar--a shot taken by WILI's Wayne Norman on Eagleville Lake:

WILI has had a full time staff of meteorologists since 1977. The forecast is heard twice during most hours, seven days a week. Each weekday morning, WILI's Wayne Norman conducts live discussions with Pat Pagano at 6:40am, 7:40am, and 8:40am, which go much deeper than just the forecast.

Pat Pagano

Former WILI Morning Meteorologist Tim Root
Tim Root
Tim Root in 1975 at the Barnum Show "Champions on Parade"  He's on the right with the cymbals.

Some helpful weather links:

WILI has been a leader in up-to-date, accurate weather information for eastern Connecticut since 1977. 
Our first staff meteorologist was the immensely popular Norm MacDonald, who passed away in 2002.  To see a tribute to "Uncle Normie," click here .         

WILI's Denise Bellamy with Jeff Morrow circa 1983 

Jeff Morrow was WILI's afternoon meteorologist in the early 1980s, and had live chats with WILI afternoon announcer Denise Bellamy.  Jeff moved to the Weather Channel as an on-camera meteorologist in 1985 and after 27 years at TWC, moved to WKRN-TV in Nashville

In April, 2010, Wayne Norman featured a "Weather Word of the Day" each morning at 6:45, as part of the "Windham Reads" literacy project with the Windham schools--a program suggested by Mary Lou DeVivo.
WILI's Wayne Norman is a frequent visitor to New Hampshire's Mount Washington, home of "The World's Worst Weather."  To see Wayne at the summit in winter conditions, click here. 


Wayne's childhood home in Hollywood.  That's not snow--it's HAIL!  Wayne is peeking through the living room window.  He can't play in the hail--he has chickenpox!

See an amazing time-lapse video from the Blizzard of 2013--CLICK HERE.

See photos of April 2010's high water at Mansfield Hollow Dam and local rivers.  Click here.
Lebanon CT had a hailstorm on June 24, 2008.  To see photos, click here.

See local photos of the BLIZZARD OF 2006

June 9 is the anniversary of the deadly Worcester Tornado in 1953.  To view a slide show of photos from that storm, click here .
WILI listeners submitted photos from the December 17, 1973 Ice Storm which crippled Connecticut.  To see the photos, click here .
The Hartford Courant produced a map showing the path of major hurricanes over Connecticut in the last 100 years.  To see the map, click here. (Adobe reader required)
WILI's Wayne Norman with our former morning meteorologist Mike Solomon in the 2004 WILI Boom Box Parade .  Wayne is the parade's Grand Marshal.  Armed with a squirt gun, Mike was "partly cloudy with a chance of showers."
Get the pollen report for Willimantic. Click here.

The images below are courtesy of the National Weather Service:

A satellite shot of snow cover a day after the Blizzard of 2013

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