The 2006 W I L I "B O O M B O X P A R A D E"


The 2006 WILI "Boom Box Parade" was the longest yet--running 105 minutes from start to finish.  It also featured one of the larger crowds to watch the parade.  WILI morning man Wayne Norman--the parade's Grand Marshal--kicked off the parade outfitted as "The King of the Airwaves," while sitting atop a huge yellow boom box.  Wayne had a scepter, a sword, "king bling" (medals draped around his neck), a purple robe, and a gold crown.  He passed out water and candy from above while blasting parade music on HIS two boom boxes.   Some high profile politicians marched, and stories of their participation appeared in hundreds of newspapers nationwide on July 5.

Norwich Bulletin story on 2006 Parade

Associated Press parade story which ran nationwide

Complete with sword (right), scepter (left), crown, and TWO boom boxes, Wayne Norman sits on his throne above the giant WILI boom box -- Richard Sallee photo

Richard Sallee photo

Wayne Norman atop his giant boom box before the parade

WILI's "Let's Talk About It" co-hosts Susan Johnson and Dennis O'Brien carry the parade banner in one hand and a BOOM BOX in the other -- Eleanor Linkkila photo

Wayne's view at the start of the parade

Wayne Norman's giant boom box was pulled by a GMC Sierra from Gates GMC/Nissan in North Windham

One of the parade's most popular entries was the Parish Hill High School Hovercraft Team

The Traveling Fish Head Club of Northeast Connecticut missed the first Boom Box Parade in 1986, but has been at each one since.

The Willimantic Brewing Company/Main Street Cafe had a rollerblading waitress passing out lemonade to spectators

Ben Franklin (Bev York) and a local clown (WILI Sales Manager Donna Evan)

Parade founder, the late Kathy Clark, used to carry this sign

Ron Manizza (far left) got a group of bikers to ride in the parade

Larry Goodwin from the Windham Theater Guild had a case of hoppy feet -- Eleanor Linkkila photo

Sparky, the Willimantic Fire Department's talking fire dog was a big hit -- Stephen E. Allcroft photo

The Haggerty family's "Haggerosa" entry was smaller this year, but still included the vintage 1932 Willimantic fire engine.

Even the WRTD City Bus got in the act


King Norman, minus his sword, raising his scepter -- Judy Donnelly photo


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