July 28:  Dr. Bernice Szafarek from Szafarek Dental in Columbia discusses oral cancer .  To hear the full interview, click here.
  Dr. Bernice Szafarek
July 27:  Windham Hospital CEO Dick Brvenik, Vice President, Network Development, Hartford Healthcare Corporation George Kyriacou, Windham Hospital Chairman of the Board Dr. James Watson, and Dr. Ethan Foxman, Director of Radiology Services, Windham Hospital talk about Windham Hospital's new relationship with Hartford Hospital, and Dr. Foxman will discuss the affiliation with Jefferson Radiology and the new digital radiology system PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System).
Dick Brvenik, George Kyriacou, Dr. Ethan Foxman, and Dr. James Watson
July 26:  Bill Potvin from Hosmer Mountain Soda talks about oldies, do-wop, the good-old-good ones, and soda  
Bill Potvin with some of his favorites 
Members of the traveling Windham Bigg Play baseball team give a live update from Beijing on their trip to China
July 25:  Retired Plainfield police officer Richard Wallace talks about speeding tickets--how to beat and avoid them
  Richard Wallace
July 24:  Keely Santa Lucia and Dick Staples talk about the Willimantic Farmer's Market
  Dick Staples and Keely Santa Lucia
July 21:  Jim and Mary Grace Shifrin from Lebanon, and their 6-year old son Cooper, talk about the Bailey's Garden and playground project in honor of their late daughter Bailey 
Jim, Mary Grace and Cooper Shifrin, holding plans for Bailey's Garden and Playground
July 20:  Democratic endorsed candidate for Governor, Dan Malloy  
Dan Malloy
Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell discusses jobs for eastern Connecticut small businesses, her anti-violence initiative and her energy initiative 
  Wayne Norman and Governor Jodi Rell
July 19:  Sally Mancini, Program Director with  End Hunger Connecticut and Donna Grant, Executive Director of the Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group discuss the Summer Food Service Program, which supplies free lunches for local youths 
  Sally Mancini and Donna Grant
July 18:  Bill Card talks about the B-17 called "Sentimental Journey," which is coming to Windham Airport on August 1, and the Arizona wing of the Commemorative Air Force (info: 860-377-6230) 
  Bill Card
Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz discusses the August 8 primary election 
  Wayne Norman with Susan Bysiewicz
July 14:  ECSU Associate Dean of Continuing Education Carol Williams with visiting Jamaican educators Linford Nelson, Paulette Taylor, and Wilford Beckford
Linford Nelson, Carol Williams, Paulette Taylor, and Wilford Beckford
Deb Walsh and Andrew Gibson discuss the fundraiser "A Night In The Tropics."
July 13: Creative Director Ian Matthew-Harrington, Past Director Hope Zettwoch and members of the Arts In Motion  kid's company--David Vaughn, Liz Hackett, Jacob Gogarten, Angelo Piccoli, and Spencer Hamlin  
Hope Zettwoch,  Ian Matthew-Harrington, and "Bye Bye Birdie" cast members David Vaughn, Angelo Piccoli, Spencer Hamlin,   Liz Hackett, and Jacob Gogarten 

July 12:  Bruce Bellingham, Annette Shapiro, and Barbara Vaughan from the Hop River Chamber Music Series

July 11:  UConn Professor of Nutritional Science Hedley Freake discusses the Strong-CT program  for science and technology in local schools

  Dr. Hedley Freake

Attorney Pat Prue from the Prue Law Group discusses buying a home with Tom Burns and Elaine Burns of ReMax East of the River

July 10:  Former WILI intern, newscaster and DJ Chris Marot discusses topics from journalism to teaching to history

Chris Marot

Presentation of WILI's July Ray of Sunshine award to Roddy McComber of Willimantic

Mohegan Sun VP Administration Ray Peneault holding Roddy McComber's Ray of Sunshine plaque

July 7:  17-year old leukemia survivor Kevin Porter

Wayne Norman interviewed Kevin Porter at Candlewood Lake in New Milford

July 6:  Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Cliff Thornton and Green Party Field Coordinator Ken Krayeske

Ken Krayeske and Cliff Thornton

July 5:  Jim Benini and members of Parish Hill High School's Hovercraft Team Amber Harker, James Garland, and Peter Jakowski

Peter Jakowski, Jim Benini, Amber Harker, and James Garland

Paul Sullivan, CEO for CT Region Blood Services

July 4:  The 21st annual WILI "Boom Box Parade."  Patriotic music preceded the parade on WILI.

July 3:  Pastor John Heald from Light On The Hill Christian Fellowship and Ghana native Joseph Koomson, who now lives in Burkina Faso.   Joseph talked about his home countries, and has participated in the WILI "Boom Box Parade" every year since 1994.

John Heald and Joseph Koomson
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