DEC 29:  Delia Berlin, Director of the QVCC Willimantic Center with Jennifer Oliver, coordinator of business programs, Bob Fernandez from the opportunity for success program, and business instructor Erin Pagano 
Erin Pagano, Bob Fernandez, Jen Oliver, and Delia Berlin
Dec 28:  Willington sculptor Randall Nelson discusses his craft and his exhibit "Myth and Memories" at the Windham Arts Center and Gallery
Randall Nelson
Dec 27:  David Huoppi of Pomfret talks about lacrosse and playing for the Finland national team in the world championships
David Huoppi
Dec 26:  Yolanda Negron previews Three Kings Day
Yolanda Negron with her figurines of the three Kings
Dec 22:   Rick Racicot, owner-operator of Ascension Recording Studios in Brooklyn, Ct, Grammy-award winning audio engineer Mike Hopkins, and Gary Breton, President of Old Salt Works Publishing Company
Rick Racicot, Gary Breton, and Mike Hopkins
Dec 21:  Bruce Bellingham (string bass) and Greg Yuska (keyboard) from  the Willimantic Amphibian Jazz Ensemble perform live holiday music
Greg Yuska and Bruce Bellingham
Dec 20: Members of the Willimantic Whitewater Partnership update progress on Willimantic's Whitewater Park
  Barbara McGrath, Paula Stahl, Martin Brogie, and Dan Mullins
Dec 19:  Dick Curland of Columbia makes his annual visit with stories of how Christmas songs got written, and also talks about changes in education
Dick Curland
Dec 18:  Dr. Bernice Szafarek talks about the dental visit and dental gift ideas.  To hear the full interview, click here
Dr. Bernice Szafarek
Dec 15:  Dennis Pierce-Director of Dining Services, Robert Landolphi-Culinary Operations Manager, and the 2006 Winning Boiling Point Team-Chef Amy Maloney, Chef Lisa Charbonneau, Chef Patsy Potvin (Northwest) discuss dining services at UConn
Dennis Pierce , Lisa Charbonneau, Patsy Potvin, Amy Maloney, and  Rob Landolphi
Dec 14:  Bette Stearn from Mansfield Parks and Recreation, Kelly Anne Jones, choreographer and owner Miss Kelly’s Dance & Drama, and dancers Lydia Reeves, Noah Chokas, Ryan Glista, and Katelyn Solazzo talk about the Town of Mansfield's production of "The Nutcracker"
Ryan Glista, Kelly Anne Jones, Noah Chokas, Bette Stearn, Lydia Reeves, and Katelyn Solazzo
Dec 13:  Connecticut Healthcare Advocate Kevin Lembo discusses health care issues
Kevin Lembo
Dec 12:  UConn Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences Richard Bruno discusses adverse effects of cigarette smoking on Vitamin E metabolism
Richard Bruno
Dec 11:  Windham High School poets Crystal Villalobos, Matt Figueroa, Joseph Rodriguez, Noel Diaz, Alyssa Sullivan, Sasha Melendez, Christian Martinez, and Angel Ruiz, with Windham High's teacher of the year Lynn Frazier
Joe Rodriguez, teacher Lynn Frazier, teacher Pam Neidig, Noel Diaz, Angel Ruiz, Crystal Villalobos,  Sasha Melendez, Matt Figueroa, Christian Martinez, Alyssa Sullivan, and Benji Irizzary
  Presentation of WILI's December "Ray of Sunshine" award to Anita Sebestyen
Mohegan Sun VP Administration Ray Peneault presents the Ray of Sunshine plaque to Anita Sebestyen
Dec 8:  Bev York and the new Director of the Windham Textile and History Museum, Mary Brown
Mary Brown and Bev York
Dec 7:  Mitch Gross from CL&P discusses CL&P's proposed rate hike
  Mitch Gross
Dec 6:  Coach Brian Crudden with Windham High football tri-captains Pat Duhamel, Corey Brennan and Kyle Brueckner
Brian Crudden, Corey Brennan, Pat Duhamel, and Kyle Brueckner
Dec 5:  Actors Perry Ojeda (Kit Kat Club emcee) and Lauretta Pope (Sally Bowles) from the Connecticut Repertory Theater's production of "Cabaret"
Lauretta Pope and Perry Ojeda
Dec 4:  Steve Putney and Edie Roxburgh from the Safe Haven Alpaca Farm and Bed and Breakfast in Hampton.  And they drew two winners for a gourmet dinner and an overnight at the B&B--Ann Pedro and Tom and Amy Miyashiro.
Edie Roxburgh and Steve Putney displaying some of their alpaca products
Dec 1:  Windham High School football coach Brian Crudden previews tomorrow's state championship game against Hillhouse
Sarah Arlinghaus, WRCC Housing Coordinator/Case Manager discusses World AIDS Day
Sarah Arlinghaus
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