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John Tuite has worked in various functions at WILI for over 20 years.  His primary responsibility is as a newscaster, but he has also done every announcing shift at WILI at some point, including the morning show.  You can also hear John's voice as the PA announcer at UConn basketball and football home games.  He is an outstanding sportscaster, having called hundreds of UConn basketball and soccer games.  And he teamed with WILI's Wayne Norman to broadcast a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in 2003.  Click here for details.

John hosts "The Vinyl Frontier" weekday mornings from 11am-noon on WILI.

Captain's log...1400.  These are the voyages of the oldies but goodies.  Our mission--to explore musical horizons of days gone boldly go into the old record library.      



Yes, John DOES play vinyl--that's a turntable under his right elbow!  45's and LP's are on the shelves under his left elbow.
Newsman John hard at work on a story
John horsing around with Wayne Norman at Gampel Pavilion in the 90's
John at Coors Field in Denver
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