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Mike Morrissette has the longest tenure of any newscaster in Eastern Connecticut. Mike works the daily news grind from the WILI newsroom at 720 Main Street, Willimantic.

He came to WILI in 1987 after his first news gig at WICH/WCTY in Norwich. Mike is a 1986 graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, and an accomplished drummer. His playing has been heard on various radio and television commercials over the past two decades. He is a charter member of The Drive Band, which plays throughout New England.  Mike recently joined the group Rewind which plays frequently at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den.

See photos of Mike playing with the oldies band "Tribute" by clicking here.

Mike has been WILI News Director since 1990. He is a native of the area and is in touch with many newsmakers. If it's happening, Mike either knows about it or knows someone who does. Mike lives in the town of Scotland with his wife, Cindy, along with their cat Otis, and their new puppy, "Lucy."

Lucy the Dog


Mike also plays in the Drive Band.  Here he's recording at Ascension Studios in Brooklyn in January 2007 for an upcoming CD
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