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I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut back in 1955 when two hurricanes hit the state, Connie and Diane.

I grew up on the west end of Bridgeport and enjoyed the Barnum Festival parades and circus when I was younger.  P.T Barnum was the person I looked up to and moved me in my life. I moved to Stratford, Connecticut where i joined the Trumbull Troubadors Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps where I played snare drum.

When I turned 15 I was very interested in what the weather was going to do the next day and was hoping for a snow day from school.  My father bought me a barometer and my study of weather was off and running.  I read just about every book on weather and practiced day after day reading the weather as if I were on radio. 

Then I asked WSHU radio in Fairfield if they would like a weather forecast for their station and they said yes.  That was my start in radio.  In 1971 I went on to be the youngest weather forecaster in New England at 15 years old. A few years went by then WEZN radio in Bridgeport asked me to be a weather observer for them from Stratford.  They heard my forecast, which was more accurate than the service they were using.  So they hired me at 21 years old to be their offical weather forecaster.

I went to school at Fairfield University and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting during the night and studied with the National Weather Service. Then the American Meteorological Society made me a member after 15 years of professional service in forecasting and broadcasting the weather on radio.

I joined the Connecticut Hurricanes Sr. Drum and Bugle Corps and played with them for over 7 years winning the World Championship in Philidelphia back in 1981. In 1982 The public and Connecticut Magazine voted me to be the best radio weather broadcaster in the state. My dream was to open up my own weather service and that dream came true in 1990 and has been doing well to this date. My clients range from radio, to TV news, newspapers, insurance compaines, motion picture companies, ship builders and more.

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