Good Company 14/WILI and Foxwoods Resort Casino gave away a Sweetheart Date on Valentine's Day
Kim and Dean Sypher won a romantic dinner for two at one of Foxwoods' gourmet restaurants and an overnight stay at the Grand Pequot Tower.  WILI asked listeners to tell what makes their sweetie so special.  We had some terrific entries, and this was the winner:
Dear Wayne,
I'm really happy and proud to tell you the story of what a wonderful husband I have. Our story is somewhat cliche, but a true love story.  There are no incredible tales of being thrown together by coincedence or fate, but we've been together for nearly twenty-three great years.
We met when I moved to Hampton in the fourth grade, he was in sixth. His mom was my bus driver and was so nice to me on my first day at a new school. We were always friends and ran with the same crowd throughout our years in school.  When we were in high school his best friend and my best friend dated for a few years so we were always hanging out together. It wasn't until I was a junior in high school and went away on vacation that I realized I missed him.  He must have felt the same way because he was there to pick us up from the airport when we returned.  We went on our first official date one week later. He took me to see Max Creek play at the old student union center at Uconn's Spring Weekend. We've been together since that weekend in 1985.
He has always been nothing but 100% supportive of every goal I've pursued. After high school he moved away from the area with me while I attended college.  A number of years later he supported my decision to leave the state for a summer to run my own business, traveling every weekend to come work with me.  He's encouraged me in every career choice I've made, been my biggest fan on every new project I've untertaken and always brags about me to anyone he can.  He shares the household responsiblities with me, is a great chef and cooks for me all the time and loves my family as much as I do.  He a true man's man, hunter fisherman, gearhead, but at the same time is the most romantic man I've ever met, making me home made valentines, writing me poems and singing me songs. He has an incredibly giving heart, a lover of animals, he looks out for elderly neighbors and is the first to organize a benefit or take part in a fundraiser.  I am a very lucky woman.  I know this all sounds too good to be true, but it is.  His name is Dean and I love him more today than when I married him fifteen years ago.  I'd love to surprise him with this incredible date since I work in a restaurant and always have to work on Valentine's day. Thanks for your consideration. Kim Sypher
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