Photos from Windham's Snow Ball at Town Hall on January 28, 2006

Windham Town Hall's historic ballroom has been renovated, and hosted a formal dance called the "Snow Ball" on January 28, 2006.  These photos of the event were taken by Windham Recreation Director Mark Paquette.  Compare these photos to photos from the late 1940's sent by John Farrell as posted on .  To see Farrell's photos, click here.

The ballroom looking toward the stage during the afternoon preview

The ballroom looking toward the stage later that evening

Some who volunteered to refurbish the ballroom said they got so used to wearing masks that they wanted to wear them at the Snow Ball.  Dennis O'Brien (L), Dr. Stanton Hale, Susan Johnson, Faith Kenton (without mask), and Bruce Bellingham. The 16-piece all woman swing band The Flamingos are on the stage.  Without masks.

On the stage, Windham First Selectman Mike Paulhus (R), with Bruce Bellingham and Andrew Gibson

Wine and cheese was served--even from drawers


Views from the stage


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