WILI's Colin Rice these shots of today's 9 AM tanker derailment, from the roof of WILI's 720 Main Street building.  The derailed cars are to the right of the tree with yellow leaves.   WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Eight new photos have been added to the bottom of this page!

State and local authorities responded to a train derailment in Willimantic Tuesday morning. The incident, on tracks along Riverside Drive, was reported shortly before 9:30, according to the State Department of Environmental Protection.

Four freight cars went off the tracks– two were on their sides and the two others were listing, said authorities. The cars– each with a capacity of about 30,000 gallons– were believed to be carrying ethanol. It does not appear than any of the cars were leaking, said the DEP.
The damaged tracks will have to be repaired
These overhead shots were taken from Willimantic's historic footbridge
7 PM Tuesday -- The "train crane" (yellow) from upstate New York.  Two of them literally pick a train car off the tracks, in this case moving them to the tracks on the right.
9 AM Wednesday -- offloading ethanol to the car on the right
The "train crane" lifts the tanker
A crane is at each end of the tanker
Dropping the tanker onto the wheels on a different track
Watching the procedure from the foot bridge became a spectator sport
For updated coverage of the derailment, tune to 14/WILI
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