All of us can think of special individuals who always manage to find time to help other people.  14/WILI and the Mohegan Sun have a name for those special people.  They are Connecticut's RAYS OF SUNSHINE, and together we're paying tribute to them.   Hear acceptance interviews with many of our Ray of Sunshine winners by clicking here.  To nominate someone, simply email wayne @ or snail mail your entry to WILI Ray of Sunshine, 720 Main Street, Willimantic, Ct. 06226 with a few details on why your nominee is special.

Maurice Simard

Maurice Simard
Maurice Simard is WILI's latest Ray of Sunshine Award winner.  Claire Chesmer, Recreation Director at Douglas Manor, and David Light's nomination email said:

For the past eleven (11) years the residents of Douglas Manor in Windham Center have been fortunate to have a Special Friend. His name is Maurice Simard.
Maurice’s special connection with the residents began 10 years ago when his mother-in-law became a resident. Being the resident of a convalescent home can sometimes be a lonely life. Realizing this, Maurice decided that the residents need some cheer, some conversation, some experiences on a frequent basis that re-connect them with the joys and experiences of their past, joys and experiences that they hold deep within their hearts, ready to be unlocked and enjoyed again.
Maurice frequently comes to visit and chat with residents in the halls and in their rooms. He also accompanies them on field trips, providing support however needed. Maurice gets along with everyone. He speaks French to the folks who were brought up speaking the language, and having served in the Navy, residents who are veterans love to share their stories with him.
At Christmas time Maurice becomes Santa Claus. He puts on a Santa outfit, visits each and every resident, and hands out a Christmas gift to each one.
On Mother's Day he dresses in a tuxedo, white shirt and bow tie and visits every lady to give them a flower.
On Valentine's Day he transforms himself into Cupid and delivers chocolates to every room.
He is truly a treasure to Douglas Manor, and that is why everyone calls him "friend!" When he enters Douglas Manor, he is like a "ray of bright sunshine” that warms the hearts and souls of each and every resident. His smiles are infectious; his words are kind and compassionate. The residents look forward to the joy and love and friendship Maurice Simard brings with him through the year.
We proudly nominate Maurice Simard as the recipient of WILI’s Ray Of Sunshine award.
David Light
Friend for over 43 years
Claire Chesmer
Recreation Director, Douglas Manor

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