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February, 2007

Snowstorm of Feb 2007
Wet snow clinging to tree branches after the wet snowstorm of February 22-23, 2007. Photo by Eleanor Linkkila of Hampton.

Photo of the Month Archive:
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April 2005 Bill the weather cat
May 2005 Canoeing the Natchaug River with Troop 34
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October 2005 Birch Island in Eagleville Lake
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January 2007 Autumn in Hampton
February 2007 Snowstorm of Feb 2007
May 2007 Mansfield Hollow Dam snake
November 2008 Wayne Norman's nephew Cole and sister Kimberly
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January 2009 Water lillies of ice
March 2009 Lebanon sunset
April 2009 Venus near the crescent moon
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October 2009 Heritage Train Vineyard
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December 2009 UConn football beats Notre Dame
January 2010 2010 WILI Weather Calendar cover
February 2010 Snow and ice at Diana's Pool in Chaplin
March 2010 2009 UConn Women's Basketball victory parade
April 2010 Kayaking high water at Mansfield Hollow State Park
May 2010 Willimantic Riverfest 2009
June 2010 Coventry Lake
July 2010 2010 WILI Boom Box Parade
August 2010 Cameron and Cole
September 2010 Fall foliage in Willimantic
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November 2010 The full hunter's moon of 2010
December 2010 December 2009 on the Scotland CT Green
January 2011 An icy sunrise after the big snowstorm
February 2011 The February 2, 2011 ice storm
March 2011 Ice breaks up in Eagleville Lake
April 2011 Wayne Norman holding the NCAA trophy
May 2011 Squirrel eating a twizzler
June 2011 Mansfield bike rider
July 2011 2011 WILI Boom Box Parade
August 2011 Rare mammatus clouds over Willimantic
September 2011 Trees down on wires on Back road in Windham from Tropical Storm Irene
October 2011 Harvest Moon over Turin, Italy
November 2011 The 2011 Halloween snowstorm
December 2011 North Chaplin sunrise
January 2012 2012 WILI Weather Calendar cover photo--the October 2011 snowstorm
February 2012 Lenticular cloud over Colorado
March 2012 The winter of 2011-2012
April 2012 Cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.
May 2012 Santa Barbara thunderstorm
June 2012 Hampton 2012 Memorial Day
June 2012 Boom Box Parade
July 2012 Willimantic Fire Department--testing hoses
August 2012 Wayne's niece Cameron
September 2012 July sunflowers
November 2012 Lucy the Newshound
December 2012 Natchaug River in snow
January 2013 Hampton Sun Dog
February 2013 2011 tornado track seen in 2013 snow
March 2013 WILI goes green
April 2013 Misty Morning along the Natchaug River
May 2013 Showing off his bullfrog
June 2013 Boom Box Parade 1998
July 2013 Fenway storm clouds
August 2013 Tornado in Coventry
September 2013 Wayne's mom
October 2013 WILI's old building in the 1960's
November 2013 Star trails atop Mount Washington
December 2013 Grand Canyon fog
January 2014 Moonrise over Kansas City
February 2014 Mike Morrissette and dogs
April 2014 UConn legend Walt Dropo with Wayne Norman
May 2014 Wayne and Joe in the UConn Victory Parade
May 2014 Quadruple rainbow
June 2014 Bumblebee
July 2014 WilliBrew's 2014 Boom Box Parade float
August 2014 July sunflowers
September 2014 Sunrise in North Chaplin
October 2014 Former WILI meteorologist Norm MacDonald
November 2014 Mansfield rainbow
December 2014 Wayne in El Yunque Rain Forest
January 2015 Wayne Norman's family photo
February 2015 Wayne's coronary angioplasty
March 2015 Wayne Norman and Joe D'Ambrosio in Arizona in 1982
April 2015 First crocus of spring
May 2015 Norma Jean
June 2015 Eagles
June 2015 Boom Box Parade FIRE
July 2015 Frontal passage in NYC
August 2015 Maine Blue Moon
September 2015 UConn Soccer Coach Joe Morrone
October 2015 Hop River foliage
November 2015 WILI's UConn football broadcast crew
December 2015 Pat Pagano's pooch
January 2016 Snowliage!
February 2016 Storm clouds gathering over the Lepini Mountains
March 2016 Bald eagle in Putnam
April 2016 Wayne Norman interviews Steve Pikiell
May 2016 Transit of Venus
June 2016 Herons in North Windham
July 2016 Parade Mama Kathy Clark
July 2016 Traveling Fish Head Club's Boom Box
August 2016 Butterfly on milkweed
September 2016 WILI's UConn football broadcast team
October 2016 The Flag Rock at Bolton Notch State Park
November 2016 UConn rowing team
December 2016 Windham Bigg Play in China with John Glenn
January 2017 Foliage at Columbia Lake
February 2017 Snow in Connecticut
March 2017 Mike Morrissette's dogs
April 2017 Light pillars in Wyoming
May 2017 Kids in a tree
June 2017 Storm clouds over Willimantic's Rec Park
July 2017 Kent, Cole and the big tuna
August 2017 Romantic Willimantic at Fenway
October 2017 Wayne's Northern Water Snake
November 2017 Double Rainbow over the Windham Mills
December 2017 Gabriel in leaves
March 2018 Former ECSU President Dr. David Carter
June 2018 Stormy Fenway
July 2018 Scotland CT sunset
August 2018 Harry Chapin with Wayne Norman at ECSU
September 2018 Mike Morrissette's 21 year old WILI shirt
December 2018 Pat Pagano's Christmas Tree1
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