On September 9, 2012, WILI's Wayne Norman took a Constitution Coach filled with WILI listeners to the Block Island  Express in New London.  The day started cloudy but turned sunny and dry by the afternoon.  Some people toured the island, some shopped, and Wayne saw an animal farm and some HUGE waves generated by Tropical Storm Leslie.  To see more photos, click here.

Wayne's first stop was Abram's Animal Farm, which features many unusual animals, including this emu

A kangaroo

A yak named Justice

Ring tailed lemurs


A llama (or maybe an alpaca)

A ze-donk (zebra/donkey hybrid) named Cindy

East African crowned cranes

Lots of pine cones on Spring Street

Looking north on Spring Street toward Old Harbor--high surf from "Leslie" is smashing on the rocks

It's 142 steps down and 242 steps up

A dozen surfers in wet suits were riding the huge waves generated by Tropical Storm "Leslie" which was east of Bermuda.  This was taken near Vail Beach.  The surfers got there by boat, not from the beach.

A piece of driftwood turned into an alligator

Wayne really enjoyed watching the heavy surf--some waves were 8-10 feet high

Mohegan Bluffs behind Wayne

Looking west to the clearing skies

The giant waves

The bottom platform of the 142 steps from the top of Mohegan Blufffs

The view from that platform.  Montauk, NY (eastern tip of Long Island) can be seen where the horizon meets the bluffs.

Two surfers tried the waves nearer the steps

One more giant wave

Goodbye to Block Island for another year

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