Wayne Norman hosted WILI's annual trip to Block Island on Sunday September 14, 2008.   We took a Constitution Coach to New London, then boarded the high-speed Block Island Ferry.  Once there, our winners were free to shop, swim, sightseee, and dine.  
Wayne spent most of his day at Mohegan Bluffs:
Southeast Light (1875) above Mohegan Bluffs was recently moved away from the eroding bluffs.  The rock in the foreground is the old location.
Then its down those 142 steps to the beach
Looking west
Looking east
Looking good
Looking west
In an odd mystery of physics, its 242 steps back up
Back atop the Bluffs, its Wayne with Rusty "Rain Man" Lanzit
Rusty and wife Ann checked out the bluffs, too
Two scarecrows
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