WILI first went on the air at noon on Saturday October 5, 1957.  To celebrate our 50th birthday, Wayne Norman presented special morning show interviews all week with our alums.  To hear any of the nearly 40 interviews, click here and scroll to October 2007.  To see photos and alums who attended our 50th anniversary reception, click here.
Governor Jodi Rell proclaimed October 5, 2007 as WILI-AM RADIO DAY in the State of Connecticut.  To read the proclamation, click here.
Here are past and present photos of some of the guests interviewed during the 50th anniversary week on the Wayne Norman Show.
One of our first staff meteorologists Todd Glickman (1977-1993)
Wayne Norman with announcers Grahame Winters (1990's) , Robin Lee Jennings (1980's) , and Les Morrell (1970's)
Les Morrell (upper right) with Terry Ley (upper left), Bud Fisher (lower left) and Wayne Norman in a 1973 music survey photo
Grahame Winters on the air at WILI
Dan Hayden now and then (1971)
1970-1973 announcer Frank Walker then (1971 at the Willimantic Armory) and in Miami now
WILI News Director Danny Chun (1982-1991) interviewed all newsmakers
Current WILI news director Mike Morrissette with 1970's newscasters Don DeCesare, Mark Roy, Jeff Reismann and Steve Kotchko
Mark Roy interviewing Congressman (now Senator) Chris Dodd
1970's announcers Tom Lyons (L) and Dan Hayden (R) talking with former general manager Dave Evan at the reception
1970's announcer Larry Davis on a WILI billboard on Rt. 195 near Puddin Lane
Announcer Cindy Bailen (1977-78)
1990's announcer Keith Rice
(Jingle): "Hey folks, we're all set to go with the Mike Gerardi Show..."
Bob "Uncle Greg" Gregory in the 1960's
Jim Duffy and Mike Gerardi at WILI's 25th anniversary celebration in 1982
WILI's first Sports Director Bill Olds (R) with Colin Rice at the reception
WILI sports director "Wild Bill" Olds (R) and announcer Ed Read present Windham High's Andy Czuchry the first annual "Sportcasters Trophy."  Czuchry went on to play basketball at UConn.
1970's sportscaster Frank Melo
Wayne Norman with Frank Melo broadcasting Windham High boys basketball and at Fenway Park with Reggie Smith
1990's announcer Brian Lapis
Announcers Ken Carson, Mark Christopher and Robin Lee Jennings (1980's) and former production manager Ken Bliven at the reception
Terry Ley filling in for Wayne Norman in 1976
Denise Bellamy in the 1980's
Lynn Moebus
Mark Christopher has always been a child at heart
Mark "The Shark" Christopher
Steve Coates
  UConn Director of Athletics Jeff Hathaway with UConn Associate Athletics Director Mike Enright with a special presentation for WILI
Gordon Smith in 1993. He now works for Musiclothes.
Account executive Gretchen Fairweather (1970's) and former president Mike Rice
Richard Hoffman--now with the Department of Justice--teaching a group of federal prosecutors in Washington
Another of Richard's passions--playing the Japanese taiko drums
Tom Lyons
Dave Tomm
Herbert C. Rice
Newscaster Lynn Moebus with Wayne Norman in 1994
Mohegan Sun Executive Pastry Chef Linn Mansel with a special chocolate mousse cake for WILI's 50th anniversary
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